As a company that developed in Southwestern Ontario, BOS is well acquainted with the automotive industry. This ultracompetitive market demands fast turnaround, competitive costs, and reliable turnkey equipment and installations. This industry is not for the faint of heart or the mediocre. We know how to handle it, and how to thrive in it.

Project Experience

A small sample of our project experience is summarized below, focusing on the type of part or area of the vehicle for the application.

Robotic Assembly and Welding

  • Complete floor pan assembly and welding lines (sub assembles and main line) 
  • Front fuel tank cross member assembly and welding cell 
  • Rear fuel tank cross member assembly and welding cell 
  • Lower control arm (LCA) assembly and welding cell (steel and aluminum versions) 
  • Midrail assembly and post processing 
  • LCA post-processing  
  • Post-processing (piercing, swaging, shimmy-shearing, etc.) 
  • Front spare tire cross member assembly and welding cell 
  • Bushing and sleeve welding 
  • Front jounce support bracket sub assembly welding cell 
  • B-pillar and H-pillar assembly and welding lines 
  • High speed pallet lines for precision assembly
  • FESM bracket assembly and welding cell 
  • Heat shield assembly and nut welding 
  • Nut welding (pre- or post-process, including nut farms) 
  • Wheelhouse assembly and welding cell (inner and outer, including marriage) 
  • Rocker panel and sill assembly and welding cells 
  • Cab mount assembly 
  • Truck bedliner masking and spraying 
  • Underbody suspension tightening/torquing 
  • Instrument panel demoulding, degating, and assembly 
  • Tail lamp assembly 
  • Sub assembly and main line relocations and retrofits
  • Ultrasonic plastic welding
  • Robotic machine tending and material handling (e.g. CNC, mill, lathe, press)

Laser Cutting & Welding

  • Crush tips 
  • Roof rails 
  • Side step rails
  • Plastic laser welding for seat actuators
Laser Cutting for Side Step Rails

Quality Inspection for Defects

Creaform System inspecting automotive part
  • Welds (utilizing deep learning) 
  • Dimensional tolerances (utilizing optical 3D scanning) 
  • Sealant, adhesive, and baffle detection and/or measurement 
  • Instrument panels (manual assembly verification with a collaborative robot) 
  • Seats (manual assembly verification and wrinkle detection with a collaborative robot)
  • Small motor assembly and testing

Manual Assembly Stations

  • Seat back frames 
  • Lumbar assembly and greasing 
  • Door line poka-yokes 
  • Bracket assembly 

Specialized Applications for Heavy Duty Transportation

  • Flywheel, rear gear, and clutch housing material handling 
  • Custom degating machine for cast aluminum housings 


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