Unique Solutions for Your Unique Needs

While the principles of automation span all industries, we recognize that each industry has unique expectations and requirements that can dramatically affect how to automate processes. BOS has developed core competencies in automated assembly, advanced robotics including welding, laser processing and coordinated motion technology, collaborative robots, and quality inspection (utilizing vision and geometrics technology).

Assembly Robot


Automation is all about creating assembly efficiencies.

Robotic MIG Welding

Robotic Welding

Innovative welding solutions for your factory automation.

Robot Laser Cutting

Laser & Motion Systems

Laser processing and coordinated motion technology, including cutting, welding, and marking applications.  


Vision & Geometrics

Integration of vision and geometrics solutions for quality inspection, either as part of a larger turnkey system or a stand-alone system.


Collaborative Robots

Humans and robots working safely side-by-side, free of physical barriers, sharing work to optimize productivity.

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