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Custom industrial automation solutions are our specialty. Providing the optimal solution for our customer often requires a custom, engineered-to-order solution that is designed, built, and programmed for the specific application. Therefore, BOS has developed core competencies in automated assembly, advanced robotics including welding, laser processing and coordinated motion technology, collaborative robots, and quality inspection (utilizing vision and geometrics technology). Our solutions can include any combination of these technologies to help you solve your manufacturing challenges. Learn more about each one of them by clicking the following tiles.

Industrial Automation: Assembly Station at manufacturing site


Assembly automation systems that allow manufacturers to increase productivity and quality levels.

Sparks from robotic arc welding

Robotic Welding

Innovative welding solutions for your industrial automation.

Industrial Automation: Remote laser welding in operation

Laser & Motion Systems

Laser processing and coordinated motion technology, including cutting, welding, and marking applications.  

Industrial Automation: Vision inspection system

Vision & Geometrics

Integration of vision and geometrics solutions for quality inspection, either as part of a larger turnkey system or a stand-alone system.

Human operator being assisted by collaborative robot (cobot)

Collaborative Robots

Humans and robots working safely side-by-side, free of physical barriers, sharing work to optimize productivity.


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