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Elevate Manufacturing Mastery with Proximity Data Systems

Leverage real-time intelligence to make informed decisions. Secure and compliant with ISO 27001:2022, the globally recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS), Proximity data solutions enable your equipment to excel in both parts production and automated analytics reporting.

Tablet, phone, monitor and laptop displaying Proximity Data dashboards
Dashboards for diverse audiences (operators, management, maintenance) accessible via Web browser or mobile app


Enables remote management and real-time data gathering from a wide range of IoT devices to reduce downtime

Intuitive and customizable user interface that simplifies strategic planning to enhance performance and adaptability

Robust security measures protect data transmission and storage, ensuring compliance with industry standards

Adaptable cloud infrastructure supports scalable solutions, enhancing remote access

In-depth performance analysis for predictive maintenance, supported by a secure SaaS platform

25+ years of expertise in industrial automation for a more robust level of machine data (e.g.: deep fault analytics)

Device compatibility with secure connections, emphasizing comprehensive system connectivity

Scalability and flexibility are highlighted, leveraging cloud capabilities for business growth



By acquiring the Production package, you are able to examine both production and process metrics that enable you to closely monitor machine and operator through dashboards configured at the system level and for each selected station. Example:Proximity Data Production dashboard example


The Performance package allows you to make more strategic decisions as it features all metrics from the Production tier plus detailed analysis of rhythm, machine state and faults. Gain access to a timestamped mapping of fault codes to sequence steps for faster automation fault debugging. Example: Proximity Data Performance - Rhythm and flow metrics exampleProximity Data Performance - Fault Analysis metrics example

Proximity Data from BOS combines connectivity, real-time data use, and maintenance insights for operational optimization and reduced downtime, enhancing integration with customer systems through API access.

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  • Data-driven operational insights
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Cloud-based flexibility and accessibility
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Advanced IoT integration
  • Lightweight data transport protocol MQTT
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Seamless integration with Proximity Support and quality inspection systems
  • Extended warranty
  • Custom weekly/monthly reports
  • Training packages


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