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Support Contract

BOS Innovations recognizes the investment our customers make in their projects, and the need to receive the greatest return on investment possible. To help ensure projects are working at their best and extend a solution's lifetime, BOS offers a Support Contract to our customers.

The Support Contract is a planned contract between BOS and our customers to provide support as needed beyond the warranty period. There are many benefits to adding a Support Contract to your investment, including priority deployment for support, and preferred rates on support, and it is free to add to your project at any time. There are no costs associated with the Support Contract until BOS provides support.

How does the BOS Support Contract Work?


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Our Support Contract is first offered to all BOS customers during the quote process but can be added at any time. There are no costs associated with BOS Support Contracts unless support is used.


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BOS customers who hold a Support Contract contact our Service & Support Team to request services when needed. After BOS provides the requested services, we confirm the amount to be paid. This process allows BOS to provide continuous support without any additional POs, helping to decrease potential downtime.


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After services have been provided, an invoice is issued, and the amount is reduced from the support account balance. This does not include or impact any warranty coverage. Additionally, customers with Support Contracts receive preferential rates on services.

Would I benefit from a Support Contract?

Yes, all customers benefit from having a Support Contract! If no support is provided by BOS, the Support Contract costs $0. If support is needed and a Support Contract is in place, you will receive preferential rates on services and continuous support. However, if you do not have a Support Contract in place and need support, you may incur unplanned downtime and be charged for emergency services.

Our Most Popular Use Cases of the Support Contract:

Emergency Cases

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In case of an emergency, BOS has you covered. Whether a programming, mechanical, electrical, or other emergency, BOS has a team of experts to diagnose and solve emergency situations efficiently and effectively.


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Often used by customers without a full maintenance team in their facility, Support Contracts can provide helpful maintenance to extend the lifetime of a solution. Maintenance services available include constant administration, check-ups, and tune-ups.

New Technology

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When adopting new and unfamiliar technologies, our customers add Support Contracts to add security and peace of mind to their investments. Support Contracts can include additional training and support during the process of adopting the new technology.


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