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Assembly Engineering Specialist

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Technical Capabilities

Defect Detection
Option Presence Detection
High Precision Measurement & Gauging
2D & 3D Vision Guided Robotics
Barcode Traceability & Print Verification
Inline Adhesive and Sealant Bead Inspection (2D & 3D)

Past Applications

A lot of what we execute for our customers is confidential or proprietary and cannot be shared publicly.  Here is a small sample of case studies to demonstrate BOS' capabilities when it comes to integrating vision and geometric technology as a part of one of our larger turnkey systems.

High Precision Measurement & Gauging


Customer required an inline visual inspection system to inspect 10 features for position, diameter and shape on an octogonal laser cut part to tight tolerances.

BOS selected a high resolution Cognex camera with specialty optics and lighting for the task.  The camera was mounted on a high precision single axis motion system to allow for the inspection of multiple features along the length of the part.  To allow for features to be inspected on all eight sides of the part, the part and fixture was mounted on a rotary axis. 

  • Achieved a Gage R’n’R result of <10% on the system 
  • System demonstrated a static repeatability of 0.006mm 
  • Cycle time of 20 seconds 

3D Vision Guided Robotics

Customer required rivnuts to be robotically fastened into holes on parts that were hollow rails.  The incoming rails were all bent to some degree (the parts were either "smiling" or "frowning"), which caused variability in hole position between like parts.

To make things a little more challenging, there were 5 rail variants in total, each with multiple holes requiring rivnuts.

FANUC 3D-L vision was utilized on the rivnut robot(s) to integrate a robust process that allowed for the variability in hole position to exist and accommodated for it within the required cycle time for the system.

Repeatable location of critical features (holes) to achieve the required cycle time of 29 or 34 seconds, depending on part variant.

The cost of 3D vision hardware was offset by the ability to utilize a more cost-effective part fixturing design as a result of the vision guidance.

System Capabilities 

BOS has capabilities and experience with multiple vision systems used industry wide. 


  • Insight 2000
  • Insight 7000, 8000, 9000 series
  • ViDi and VisionPro
  • Dataman Barcode Readers


  • IV series
  • CV-X series
  • XG-X series
  • SR-1000 & SR-2000 Barcode Readers

Fanuc IR-Vision

  • Certified Vision Specialist


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