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BOS employee at his desk providing remote support to a customer who holds his phone to show a specific part an electric panel
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Support to our customers anywhere - from anywhere.

Proximity Support from BOS provides immediate support for our customers to reduce downtime and costs. The system enables real-time connectivity to all aspects of our machines, including the PLC, robots, or vision systems. Communication can be further enhanced with the option of augmented reality-powered support.


  • Supports up to 16 Cameras within 100m/328ft radius
  • Security: AES (256-bit) Encryption
  • Communication: Ethernet/IP
  • Input Power: 110V
Proximity Support panel by BOS


Provides fast, real-time support and avoids unnecessary site visits

Enables connectivity to equipment PLC, robots, vision systems, and field I/O

Reduces downtime and support costs while maximizing machine health

Improves first-time fix efficiency

Record support sessions for training and development

Portable/expandable using mobile devices


  • PC with Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Noise Cancelling USB Headset with Microphone
  • Four (4) CCTV Cameras
  • Supporting Software and Networking Hardware
  • Physical Internet Disconnect for Customer Security
Augmented reality feature illustrated by a human hand holding a smartphone while using its camera to capture a specific part of a machine
Augmented reality-powered support directly on your device by scanning a QR Code


CCTV Camera
Additional CCTV Cameras
Virtual Reality Headset
Wireless and/or Augmented Reality Headset

Additional Service & Support Alternatives

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

  • Proactive Lifecycle Support to Maximize ROI
  • Prevent Downtime and Costly Repairs
  • Scheduled Health Checks
  • Replacement of Worn Parts and Consumables

Support Draw-down Contract

  • Pre-funded Account at Lower Cost
  • Priority Deployment of Support Personnel
  • Preferred Customer Rates

Emergency Service

  • Programming (PLC, Robot, Vision)
  • Mechanical (Millwright, Tool Maker)
  • Electrical (Panels, Field Service)
  • Engineering Support
Programming Support
Programming Support
Operator using machine to repair part
Spare/Repair Tooling & Parts
Warranty Support
Warranty Support


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