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Unique Solutions for Your Unique Needs

While the principles of automation apply to all industries, we recognize that each industry has unique expectations and requirements that can dramatically affect how to automate processes successfully. We want to partner with our customers to become their automation company. For this reason, BOS invests the time and effort to learn and understand the needs of your specific industry to ensure we can efficiently and effectively meet them.

automotive industry


An ultra-competitive market that demands fast turnaround and competitive costs, making it ideal for automation.

Oil and Gas Industry

Resource Oil & Gas

The opportunities for automating the production of consumables and components used in resource extraction are endless.

Robotic CNC Tending machine for Aerospace Industry


At the forefront of greater quality, this industry has many stringent requirements that must be adhered to.

Consumer Industry


A market-driven sector that requires custom automation to fit the needs of manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Medical Industry


Automating medical neccessities can help lead to less errors and streamline processes to run with accuracy.

General Industries

General Industries

Many businesses don't fit neatly into a typical industry, but BOS can still help find a custom solution for your company.