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BOS pre-engineered inspection solutions are flexible, turnkey automation products that increase the speed and reliability of critical inspections, providing manufacturers with a competitive advantage in quality (especially at 2am on a Tuesday).

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Across the manufacturing industry, protecting end customers from defects is paramount and increasingly challenging due to rising part and process complexities with tighter tolerances and shorter cycle times.  This is driving the need to inspect more parts, more frequently, without disrupting production.

In addition to our ability to integrate customized vision and geometrics solutions, we are developing products for proven applications to realize lower cost and shorter lead times for our customers.


Cobot Vision Inspection

I-CV Cobot Vision Inspection

Safely complete multiple visual inspections with a single camera system directly alongside of manual operations. Experience both the flexibility and robustness that collaborative robots bring to quality inspection.


Deep Learning Vision Inspection

I-DV Deep Learning Vision Inspection panel
Human-Like Inspection Without the Human Factor

Harness the power of deep learning technology to solve quality inspections previously reserved for manual operators.

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