BOS pre-engineered robotic weld cells are turnkey solutions for manufacturers who need to advance their capabilities for the future by automating welding processes to increase competitiveness, quality, and profitability.


The BOS W-R line of products are configurable and based on a modular design, allowing you to meet changing market demands to ensure future competitiveness. The base model has a single robot with a flat table for part placement.

Weld Cell Part Positioner Options Graphic

Pre-Engineered Design for Low Cost & Quick Delivery
Configurable & Modular
Ships Ready to Weld
Drop-in-Place Installation
Operator Friendly
CSA & ANSI/RIA Safety Compliant Design

Footprint: 2340mm x 3680mm
Weight Capacity: 1000kg (Including Tooling)
Table Size: 1980mm x 730mm
Input Power: 575V or 460V

FANUC ARC Mate 100iD Robot with Touch Screen Pendant
Flat Table for Part Placement
Lincoln Power Wave R450 & AutoDrive 4R220 Weld Package
Air Cooled MIG Weld Torch
Integrated Robot Control System (PMC)
Operator Interface Pushbutton Panel
Safety Light Curtains & Dual Check Safety (DCS)
Robust Powder Coated Steel Platform
Robot Training (3-Day BOS Curriculum)

Part Fixture & Tooling
Additional Servo Axes for Advanced Part Positioning
PLC/HMI Controls Interface
Additional MIG Robot System(s)
Automatic Torch Cleaning Station
Fume Extraction Equipment
Safety Roll-Up Door
Vision System
Offline Programming Software
Part Positioning Touch Sense
Through Arc Seam Tracking
Water Cooled MIG Weld Package
Miller or Fronius Weld Package
Aluminum MIG Welding
TIG Welding & Plasma Cutting
Laser Welding & Cutting


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