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Support to our customers anywhere - from anywhere.

Proximity Support from BOS provides immediate support for our customers to reduce downtime and costs. The system enables real-time connectivity to all aspects of our machines, including the PLC, robots, or vision systems. Communication can be further enhanced with the option of augmented reality-powered support.


  • Supports up to 16 Cameras within 100m/328ft radius
  • Security: AES (256-bit) Encryption
  • Communication: Ethernet/IP
  • Input Power: 110V
Proximity Support panel by BOS


Provides fast, real-time support and avoids unnecessary site visits

Enables connectivity to equipment PLC, robots, vision systems, and field I/O

Reduces downtime and support costs while maximizing machine health

Improves first-time fix efficiency

Record support sessions for training and development

Portable/expandable using mobile devices


  • PC with Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Noise Cancelling USB Headset with Microphone
  • Four (4) CCTV Cameras
  • Supporting Software and Networking Hardware
  • Physical Internet Disconnect for Customer Security
Augmented reality feature illustrated by a human hand holding a smartphone while using its camera to capture a specific part of a machine
Augmented reality-powered support directly on your device by scanning a QR Code


CCTV Camera
Additional CCTV Cameras
Virtual Reality Headset
Wireless and/or Augmented Reality Headset

Additional Service & Support Alternatives

BOS offers 3 alternatives for additional service and support that you can choose according to the level of precautionary maintenance you wish to have from BOS.


This is the most comprehensive supplemental maintenance contract that facilitates constant administration, check-ups, and tune-ups. Your business can benefit from:

  • Proactive Lifecycle Support to Maximize ROI
  • Preventing Downtime and Costly Repairs
  • Scheduled Health Checks
  • Replacement of Worn Parts and Consumables

Another way to ensure prompt and priority deployment of support resources in advance is signing a “draw-down” contract that creates an account which is only invoiced against with mutual agreement on non-warranty items. With a Support Draw-down Contract, your business will count on:

  • Pre-funded Account at Lower Cost
  • Priority Deployment of Support Personnel
  • Preferred Customer Rates

Even if you don’t think a pre-signed contract is the best solution for your business, BOS still offers all support services available in case you experience an emergency. Your business can always count on BOS for:

  • Programming (PLC, Robot, Vision)
  • Mechanical (Millwright, Tool Maker)
  • Electrical (Panels, Field Service)
  • Engineering Support


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