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I-CV: Cobot Vision Inspection System

Safely, reliably, and accurately complete critical inspections side-by-side with manual operations with the BOS I-CV, a configurable cobot vision inspection system for manufacturers seeking a competitive advantage in quality.

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Protecting end customers from defects is critical in the manufacturing industry. Rising part and process complexities, tighter tolerances, shorter cycle times, and labor availability have made quality control inspections more important and challenging. More parts need to be checked, more frequently, without disrupting production.

The I-CV is designed to complete multiple inspections with a single camera – even in areas that are difficult to access – to support a production line with reliable and accurate results. Its system is capable of automated inspection of various components for defect detection, option and assembly verification, and optical code recognition.


I-CV MIG Weld Inspection

Pre-Engineered Design for Low Cost & Quick Delivery
Easy to Deploy & Maintain
Operator Friendly
CSA & ANSI/RIA Safety Compliant Design
Training & Support

Supports up to 1 Camera
Supports up to 32 Acquisitions/Camera
Supports up to 16 Inspections/Acquisition
Parallel Image Acquisition & Processing
Communication: Ethernet/IP or Profinet
Input Power: 575V or 460V

FANUC CR-7iA/L Robot
Cognex 2MP 7802C Camera with Autofocus Module
End of Arm Tool (EOAT) with Foam Camera Case
Standard Robot Mount
Integrated Robot Control System (PMC)
Programming for 5 Average Inspections
Controls Training (3-Day BOS Curriculum)

Additional Inspections
BOS I-DV Upgrade
Part Fixture & Tooling
PLC Control System with HMI
Specialty Robot Mount (e.g. Inverted or Side-Mounted)
Custom EOAT
Line Tracking
Cobot Hand Guidance Tool
Upgraded Robot (e.g. CR-15iA for Longer Reach)


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